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can`t get the boot menu after installing Win for dual boot + kext issue before installing Win

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hi every one 


sorry to bother u in my issue and sorry for my english 


first i will tell u my build and what i did and then what the issue exactly 




i5-4590 3.3

Kingston ram 8gb 

HDD 1tb



no graphics card or any thing else 


i did the instlation process of 10.9.0 from my usb 

and thanks god every thing goes ok and booting is ok but with delay around 55s from starting PC until the login 

after that  i just use Multibeast for kext 

then i update to 10.9.4 

and also every thing ok booting working 


the thing i did for make the booting work 

is using the flag -x 

without it the mac take ages and didnt give me the login menu 

so i use -x and change the chameleon file and put the -x in the Kernal Flags 


any way its work and the screen resolution work fine with FHD screen 


the 2 issue i have after every thing work 


1 - no sound 

2 - no external HDD or USB are working 

i try to format the flash in these format 

exFAT - FAT - FAT32 

and nothing work 


in the disk utilites i got the USB there with the gray color which mean its not mounted i try mossssssssst of solution i found in google about solving the mount issue and nothing work 

every time i want to mount it its say cannot mount this disk 


one of my friend call me from 2h and say when he had mac before he got a program with one of his HDD and let him open all USB format and flashes without issue but he didnt remember the name of that program but i didnt find any thing about this !! 




now my second issue in booting 


i make 3 partition on my HDD

Mac Os X  ~ 200gb

Win ~ 290gb

Linux ~ the rest 



i put my Win usb 

and install it on the Win partition and it ask me to format it first then after formating the partition i install the win8.1 


after its work when i restart or start my PC 


its go directly to the Win 8.1 login its dont give me the message that ask for which OS i want to boot 


i hope there is solution for this issue 



now i use a program called AOMEI to move the Win OS to another HDD so i can have 2 separate HDD each one with different OS

maybe this will solve the issue if i didnt get the help or a solution for my issue



waiting u guys and thanks

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