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How to proper install Nvidia G660 driver?

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i want to play Steam games and use flash on my 10.8.5 hackingston, i have Gigabyte 660 card.


  I tried to install nvidia driver package from web 310 f4 + last Cuda driver, becuase other drivers dont support last 10.8.5 updates.

  I boot after installation and tried some games, they dont start, so i looked around a in nvidia tray icon and switched to nvidia driver mode form OSX driver,

after restart i saw mac logo and after i should see user account selection i got black screen on my primary monitor (Display port) and also secondary monitor (DVI) was black everytime.


  Need to know, two things:

1) How to fallback to old non nvidia settings and could use Nvidia package without Opengl gaming.

2) How to proper install drivers and enjoy gaming on hackingtosh..


  My ideas, they is something wrong with boot flags, because at the start i see and Chameleon loading some vesa driver and there some info about 14 MB videomemory. 


  HW is Asus - Z68 - ASUS P8Z68-V LE Sandy bitch (bridge)- mainboard and Core i5 2400S processor.

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