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Noob can't even start the installation

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Hi guys.


I'm tryng to set up a macOS (Catalina for the beginning) on a regular Windows Laptop.

My target is a "full Intel" device Fujitsu Lifebook E754 (Intel i5 CPU, Intel HD 4600 Graphics, Intel Chipset).


So I downloaded the Niresh Catalina dmg and installed TransMac 12.6 (from official Homepage).

When i create the bootable USB stick everything seems to be fine. I can even view the directories on the stick etc.

I did all the BIOS settings as recommented and when i try to boot up macOS setup every time something strange happens.

It's everytime a different behavior. For example:

- Clover boot menu shows up. Trying to start macOS i only get a blinking cursor. After like 20 Minutes when nothing happens i restart my device and the steck is suddenly empty / unformated (also not view-able through TransMac).

- Clover menu shows up. Trying to start macOS the device instantly restarts. Since then the USB stick isn't bootable anymore, but still shows all the files through TransMac


I tried using different USB sticks (Intenso / ADATA / Kingston).

I tried using slightly different devices (still all "full Intel", but with differences like Core2Duo CPU etc.)


I didn't get what's going wrong there. Maybe you can give me some hints...

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