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Dakota Kavanagh

Nvidia GT 540M - Dell L502X

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Hello all,

I have recently installed Mavericks on my Dell XPS - L502X, it works perfectly fine. There are three issues that bug me;

1) On the login screen, if you leave the laptop for a while it will then go to sleep/hibernate, which seems to make my computer unresponsive. 

2) This links in with #2, I will be starting university soon and I'd rather have the system go to sleep rather than having to wait each time it loads up, it'd be perfect.


If these two are unfixable that's fine. I'm not very good with the coding and everything so guides are really void for me.

1 issue that bugs me is that the L502X comes with 2 graphics cards; Integrated Intel HD card (1GB I think) and my normal GPU which is Nvidia GT 540M 


I have looked for YouTube videos and guides online without success, I found one but it seems to have not worked. I downloaded the Ktext, I tried to install it but it doesn't seem to have done absolutely anything. I was wondering if someone would be able to help me, I'd be eternally grateful. 


If you post a guide and it's really long and complex, for example I see a lot of people talking about DTDS ( I think) and you've already lost me. Laymen's terms would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance,




It says that my Nvidia card is my main card but it should be 2,048MB but it is saying that it's 512MB (WTH).

Graphics  NVIDIA GF GT540M 512 MB

Why has it done this?..

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