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Guest Qwertyness

Problem erasing partition for OS X install.

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Guest Qwertyness

I am trying to install Niresh OS X Mavericks on a partition on the same disk as my Windows install.  In windows I created a 200GB partition formatted with NTFS.  When I booted with Niresh and tried to erase the partition to format with the Mac journaled file system, I was greeted with this error: "MediaKit reports not enough space on device for requested operation."


Since the partition erase didn't work, I also tried to boot Niresh with some unallocated space on the drive and create the partition in OS X.  Disk Utility got stuck on the preparing to create partition bar.


I tried the first method on my other laptop however, and it worked fine (minus the inability to boot, but that's another problem :P)


The laptop I'm attempting to set for dual boot is an Asus VevoBook with Windows 8.1, an i7 processor, a 750GB 5400RPM HHD, and Intel 4000 HD graphics.

The other laptop is an Alienware M17x with Windows 8, an i7 processor, a 500GB 7200RPM HDD, and an ATI Radeon HD 7970m graphics card.


Is there any other way I could successfully install OS X onto a partition on my Windows disk?


If any other information is needed, please ask.

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