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Laurent De Meyere

Freeze on Apple logo at install on ALienware m11x R2

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Laurent De Meyere

Hello all,

Did anyone succeed to install on an Alienware m11x R2 ?

I tried with Niresh on a USB key, when I press enter to launch the install I see the grey screen with the apple for some milli second than my computer roboot.

I tried with Virtualbox (Niresh Maverick and iATKOS Lion Mountain versions) but for each version, when I press enter to run the install I have the grey screen with the apple logo but nothing happens. No loading icon, nothing. i waited for an hour to make sure, but nothing happens.

I saw that m11x R1 owners have been able to install (with a lot of compatibility), I saw on some website that it seems possible with a R2 as well (with less hardware compatibility).

I've been trying a lot of install arguments but with no luck. It would be great if someone could help me.

My main goal is not to have a full Mac environment, but as I want to try developping some Ios application, I need to compile on Mac environment. i'd like to proceed with some test with my PC first without having to buy a Mac.

Thx to everyone that could help me!



my config :


Alienware M11X R2

OS : Microsoft Windows 7 Professionnal

Processor : Intel® Core i7 CPU U 640 @ 1.20GHz

Memory: 4GB PC3-8500 DDR3 (2 x 2GB)

Hard drive :SAMSUNG SSD PM800 2.5" 256GB ATA Device +TDKMedia Trans-It Drive USB Device

Graphic card : Nvidia GeForce GT 335M Discrete Graphics (1GB GDDR3) with switchable Intel GMA 4500MHD integrated graphics (optimus)


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