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Dominik Rainer

Touchpad not working after 0% Battery

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I´ve had this in the past with my notebook, and I am hoping to get help.


My notebook is a Clevo W860 Cu


Core i7 http://ark.intel.com/products/43124/Intel-Core-i7-820QM-Processor-8M-Cache-1_73-GHz


My Problem is the following.



I use 10.9 installer from www.hackintoshzone.com, to be able to use the touchpad in installer i have to continually hammer the touchpad while the installer is loading. I had to try this a few times, once the installer loaded with touchpad I can install normally.


After installation, which ran smoothly beside the touchpad bug, I installed every kext neccessary and everything worked fine.


I did reboot many times, i had the computer in standby etc.



There was no akku % feature installed, the first time it completely lost energy it also lost touchpad function. 



I tried several ways to fix this:



reload all kexts.


backup kernel and kext


reinstall osx



What could be causing the problem, do you think there is a fix?


Is there maybe any custom kext for my trackpad?


thanks for helping 

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I think it is a sentelic touchpad. 


I am so frustrated, It´s so strange. Everything works just fine, i did the comboupdate as suggested here, and still,working fine.



I reinstalled twice now, there is no more touchpad support at all anymore.


I tried reinstalling the vodoo kext alone, didnt work either.



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