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Bill Rabishaw

No Sound HDMI Niresh Mavericks 10.9

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K, so I'm trying out different framebuffers with some moderate success.  I now have it seeing the hdmi Audio in sound prefernces with some framebuffers (successful with Bulrushes, Pitheca and one other I can't remember) but have the no output controls thing going on and no sound, can someone please, please help me out?  I'm so close I can taste it :P

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6xxx Framebuffer Personalities
Pithecia--no output controls
Bulrushes--no output controls
Cattail--boots up but no display
Hydrilla--no ouptut controls
Duckweed--no output controls


Will update the rest as I try them.

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So nothing I do will get this to work, figured out that it wasn't the frame buffer that was making the HDMI visible in sound devices, it was the VoodooHDA kext I installed.  I did edit that kext with my deviceid for my card but still no go.


@Niresh @KasiNB @Deepak can someone please help me?


I've attached the info.txt file from an info.app report.  I've also attached the System Info app information in case it's more useful.info.txtpost-71025-0-79439100-1407599949_thumb.p


Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide!!!

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