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Need help with installing Mavericks on my Desktop

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Hey , 

I need help installing Mavericks on my Maschine 
The datas are :


ASUS P8H61-M LE / USB 3 (Already flashed the modified bios from http://biosrepo.wordpress.com/ )

i5-2500 (Sandybridge with Intel HD 3000 but i disabled it in bios)

AMD Radeon R9 280X

8GB 1333mhz DDR3 Ram.

128 GB SSD ( Windows )

400 GB HDD splitted into 2 drives ( Data and Musik from windows )

A seperate 200 GB HDD for Mavericks .

A 32 GB USB Thumbdrive 


Used a USB Flash drive with the Mavericks.dmg from this Forum.


I Just booted up the Setup without any bootflags . Formatted the 200GB with Mac OS Journaled and named as MavericksHDD , the next step i choosed the destination of my install to my 200GB HDD and in Customize i changed the bootloader from Chameleon to Clover Standart. And i Selected Move ATI , Move Nvidia and Move Intel , because i read that the R9 280X is supported Out of the Box and i dont need any graphics kexts. After i installed it from my USB Thumbdrive , i went in my UEFI Bios and selected my 200GB drive as first boot device and saved it. So i wanted to start my new Hackintosh but after the grey apple screen the monitor wents black and some noise came out of my speakers .

I tried to boot with -v -x Graphicsenabler=no IGPenabler=Yes ( Many varieties like one time only -v and one time with -v Graphicsenabler=no and more .. )


It's not my first Hackintosh so i have some experience but for a half year i had the same configuration but insteed of the R9 280X i had an old Geforce GT 9600 from Nvidia .


Clover and the verbose mode of Macintosh recognized the R9 280x as 7970 ( R9 280x has the same chip but its a bit more overclocked xD) and my i5 2500.


Also in verbose mode after DSMOS has arrived the screen turns black but i hear some noise coming out of my speaker.


So i don't know what to do .


I hope someone can help me


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So now i can boot with my R9 280X into OS X with my native resolution 1920x1080 without any kexts or something other . The issue was made from IOBluetooth ... kext so i just plugged in my Bluetooth adapter and now it worked xD . 

Under My Mac is my i5-2500 with 3,19 ghz and my 8 GB Ram and my R9 280x ( named AMD Radeon 7970-X 7mb) under system profiler my Grafiphicscard only has 7mb normally it has 3072mb. QE/CI isnt working .

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