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AMD Hackintosh graphics problems ( 10.9.4 ) ( need help to fix )

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I have many graphics problems like red/pink icons or pictures, graphics distortion and many more:







My photo booth has a weird problem. my webcam works ( I mean I have video ) but when I takes a picture, result is a white photo

( I am not sure if it is photo  :D ) ( my photo booth is not pink/red, it is graphic problem when I take picture or modify its :) )

I have upgraded my 10.9.0 to 10.9.4 and there is only one good result; there is no more pink/red launchpad icons  :D.


My PC Spec. :

  • CPU AMD Athlon II X4 630 @2.8GHz
  • M/B ASUS M4A78 ( Chipset: AMD770/Sb700 ) ( LAN: Realtek8112 PCIE ) ( Audio: ALC887 8 channel ) ( BIOS: AMI BIOS pnp, DMI v2.0, Wfm2.0, ACPI v2.0a, SMBIOS v2.5 )
  • RAM Patriot 1 x 2GB DDR2 800MHz
  • VGA Zotac Geforce 9800GT 1GB 256-bit

I really want to fix these problems, other things work ( you know what I'm saying, just work ).

I will appreciate any help.

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YongTaek Hwang

I have same problem...


amd athlon II x4 630

asus m4a785td-v evo

geforce gtx 560 1G


Once the solution is a clover bootloader using red / pink icon problem.

However, after you install the Parallels Windows icon is still not resolved.

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