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Mavericks and VoodooTSCSync

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Sup guys, i have just upgraded my install from ML to Mavericks (Disk wipe and fresh install).

The deal with this is that with the base install (10.9.0) VoodooTSCSync and Voodoo Batterry work fine and properly, however after upgrading to 10.9.4 even after reinstalling the Kext's and checking cache and all that it just stops working and i have to go back to use the boot flag "cpus=1".

Can someone explain me how do i go on about fixing this, i mean right now i just reinstalled the base mavericks system (10.9.4) and everything works properly.


Here's the information about my machine ( Toshiba Satellite A660-1cj)


  • Intel® Coreâ„¢ i7-740QM
  • 8,192 (4,096 + 4,096) MB, DDR3 RAM (1,066 MHz)
  • Toshiba NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 330M (funny part the system actually says Toshiba GeForce GT 330M 1024 MB)
  • 170 GB 7200 RPM HDD


Other pertinent information:

  • Not using a DSDT
  • Not using any kext's for wireless or bluetooth ( got 2 adaptors , bluetooth is natively recognised and wifi only needs a small realtek kext)
  • Using the 6.1 Macbook pro SMB file ( i think)
  • Using Voodoo Audio
  • Removed both bluetooth and wireless adaptors that came with the laptop (broadcom) due to being incompatible with mavericks, and OSX in general.

Anything else i need to post just ask, because i really want to be able to use 10.9.4 latest version.

Edit: Update with the fresh installs of mavericks i can't use voodootscsync nomore don't know why.

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