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Can sound drivers be included into the installation environment? (blind user trying to install niresh)

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Hello guys

I'm trying to install Niresh 10.9 on my laptop, and I've got a question

I'm visually impaired, so I rely on voice-feedback software (Screen-reader) to work with my computer. OS X has a software called VoiceOver, which let's blind users to work with the computer with voice feedback and the keyboard.

Apparently, VoiceOver is able to start before the installation, at the first boot for the setup.  right after you boot niresh from USB and the kernel comes up, you can also launch VoiceOver by  pressing (alt+f5)

I have booted niresh, and waited for it to boot the system. When my brother told me that the system is up and it's on the installation screen, I pressed the hotkey, but I didn't hear any sounds. My brother told me that in the screen, OSX says that  The VoiceOver is on and running. but there was no sound.

Now my question is, is there a way to include sound drivers into the niresh installation, when  it first boots for the setup?

If there is a way, and it doesn't require a mac, please let me know so  I could try and include them into the build.

If the solution is extremely hard, I wonder if I could  mail niresh developpers and request them to put  sound drivers into the installation environment, so I and possibly other blind users could try  niresh without the need of a sighted person beside us to help.


Thanks A lot for any help


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