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Amrik Bhogal

GraphicsEnabler HDMI works, Laptop display does not (XPS l702x)

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I have installed OSX 10.9.0 for the second time now on an ssd for my Dell XPS.


with GraphicsEnabler=No and the IntelHD mod (in chameleon) laptop boots with only 1024x768,


with GraphicsEnabler=Yes i get the laptop screen turn on but its 50% off the screen (its like its skipping a pixel because its very wide).


Im a linux user so I'm good around the command line, I've tried various kexts for HD graphics and Nvidia graphics


my card is GT555m

CPU i7 2620m

display HD 1600x900

external display Dell 1920 x 1080


happens both when mirroring and extending


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how did you get the 555m to work?

so your only problem is the mirrowing?


i thought it was impossible to get it to work



i am trying to instal yosemite but no success till now installation just stucks at 2 minutes remaining.. 


i also tried el capitan but no succes there either  only success was with the snow-lprd dvd but when i update and run multibeast it crashes and cant get it back .. (i used the update helper but crash still happens) :(

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