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Mavericks freezes when setting up

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I'm a real newbie to this, read alot of articles and got my 8gb stick bootable, installed without any problems Niresh Mavericks onto my desktop PC.


After the installation process, it asks me the country, my Apple ID, ... everything looks normal, but suddenly it freezes. Wether i'm typing, using the mouse or not, it freezes. 

So i booted in verbose mode, and then when it freezes i see the reason why it freezes.

Appears to be that my CPU's are incorrectly configured. 


Strange that i didn't change anything in my bios, and the installation ran perfectly, when it boots up, sometimes i can even enter my Apple ID, recognizes it, so internet is also working, 

Also, the picture is very nice and sharp, so i don't think it would be related to the graphics.

but then it freezes again.


I'm using an ASUS mainboard (P5G41T-M) with Intel Pentium R Dual Core processor at 2.50Ghz

FSB speed: 800MHz

Cache L1 64kb

Cache L2 2048kb


(Sorry if this is too little information to give, but then again, i'm a real newbie in this thing.)


I've also read that the bios has to be configured to set the CPU to 64bit. This option is NOT there. 


This machine boots a 64bit win7 perfectly, so i really can't figure out what can be causing the problem.


Any help? hoping the details i gave are sufficient.


I'll upload a picture with the error message. (don't understand a single thing of what it means, only the above: No HPETs available... CPU(s) configured incorrectly)


PS: In my entire bios, i can't find anything concerning HPETs




PS2: It doesn't let me upload pics, (error 301) so the pics with my screenshots are here:




Please someone help me out

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As far as i am right now, i reinstalled everything using 1CPU in the customize menu. Now it doesn't freeze anymore, i can enter my Apple ID, username, password, but now the spinning wheel hangs at "creating account"....




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When i try to create a user after installation after 30-50 seconds everything freezes and i have to reboot my computer. 

My hardware:

Motherboard: Gigabyte 970a-UD3 (am3+ socket)
Cpu: AmdFX 8350
GPU: Geforce Gtx 670 (MSI)

I had it running yesterday but something terrible happened after an appstore update (think Xcode was the thing updated.) After that the system just restarted after every boot. Could not get in the boot loader or anything so i wiped the disc and re installed and now i'm stuck.
I've been tortured with this since this morning and now i'm starting to get tired of failing. 
Would greatly appreciate any help!
please take in consideration that i'm new to this so please explain in detail, after seeing some threads on other forums with the same problem but no fix this thread could be their aid in the future. 

The boot flags I've tried so far without any further success is: 

KernelCache=/amdfx GraphicsEnabler=No PCIRootUID=1 -x 

KernelCache=/amdfx GraphicsEnabler=No PCIRootUID=1 -x npci=0x3000

KernelCache=/amd GraphicsEnabler=No PCIRootUID=1 -x npci=0x3000

-x GraphicsEnabler=No 


npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=No

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