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Evin Drews

Installed fine, worked decently until I used Multibeast DSDT, now when I boot I get grey screen after Apple Logo..

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As the title says. Today I felt I should try installing OSX on my computer and I went ahead and did just that using the MacBreaker tutorial. Everything seemed to work relatively fine for it being an AMD build, but once I figured out MultiBeast and used the vanilla DSDT preset and restarted I get the apple splash screen then screen goes blank grey. (just to note, it seems i'm unable to boot without the usb drive anyway) I tried using a few boot flags but to no avail. My specs are as follows:
AMD R9 270x 
Gigabyte F2A88X-D3H Mobo (just purchased)
8GB of HyperX RAM (newly purchased aswell)
Then some crappy power supply that just gets the job done.
Currently i'm using HDMI -> DVI cord that came with my monitor, and I have the DVI side plugged into my GPU.
If anyone can help I don't have much in my paypal but I can pay you what I can if I get a good solution, I wish I could figure this stuff out by myself but I only just started learning haha. thanks.

(p.s SM3o5yn.jpg
whats going on here? after multiple boot flags this will occasionally pop up. It's pretty weird, looks like a BSOD but..it's not really blue.?)

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Really? I could've sworn the macbreaker tutorial said to use it. I'll give MacPois0n a try though. I'm assuming to reinstall I have to wipe the drive and completely start over?
Thank you for your response, though :)

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