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Help with Quad-Boot bootloading :3

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I have to set up a quadboot system on my friends PC and I am on a tight deadline. Basically I have tonight and tomorrow to set the whole thing up and I was hoping you guys could give me some help. I have managed to successfully install each of the operating systems on his laptop (Mavericks, Windows 8, Slackware Linux and Androidx86) but I have not been able to boot them all together. My main problem is conflicting bootloaders. He wants Grub to be his bootloader and to just have to turn on his laptop and choose between the operating systems with Grub. I am starting the entire process again and this is what I think I should do but would appreciate peoples opinions. Firstly I am going to install Windows 8 and make all of the partitions etc. then I am going to install Niresh Mavericks using a USB but when I am installing I wont install the Chameleon or Clover bootloaders in the advanced options, then I will install Androidx86 and somehow disable its bootloader and finally I will install Slackware and Grub and TRY to get it all to work. I really don't know how well that step will go... also do you need to 'fix' Windows 8 after installing MacOSX? Thank you for all your help, I really hope I can get ths to work! 

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