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steps for installing mac on amd fx series

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hello friends, am new here and nice to meet u all :)

could you please tell me the steps for installing mac on my amd processor system?

please help me :)

here the features

amd fx 8350

mobo asus 99fx pro

8 gb ram

9500gt nvidia graphics card

500gb hard disc having windows..

need to format my hdd for installing mac?

i dont know much about this. pls somebody help me :(

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Download the USB Image file for Niresh OSX 10.9.0 and write it to 8GB USB Drive using Transmac for windows.


Then change the Bios Settings for STAT controller from IDE to AHCI.


Also change the boot device priority and make USB first boot device.


Plug in the USB Drive and save the settings you just changed in Bios and restart the PC.


While starting up, USB will start booting.


After you have seen the NIRESH Mavericks on screen, type the boot flag   AMDFX -v


MAC Installation wizard will start up.


Regarding partitioning, make sure you back up all the necessary data from Internal HDD to an external one. Then partition the HDD using GUID.

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