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How to update on AMD

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Hey guys after about two weeks of no success, I was finally able to update my AMD hackintosh to 10.9.4

I kept getting into the restart loop,

or a kernel panic that wouldn't allow me to boot. So i just want to shar with you guys the steps i took in order to succeed, and hopefully it can help others in my same situation.

This tutorial is assuming you have your hackintosh at 10.9.1 fully functional

Things you'll need:

1. Niresh Installer USB

2. Another USB can be and size

3. A USB with the utilities and working graphics kext (optional)

4. A lot of dam patience


Step 1: Use the command or Desktop Utillity to show all hidden files

Step 2: Make a backup of your mach_kernel and kext folders with the commands below using terminal:

sudo -s

[enter password]

cp -r /System/Library/Extensions /System/Library/Extensions.backup

cp -r /mach_kernel /mach_kernel.backup

Step 3. Right click and copy your working mach_kernel and paste it on your desktop or USB so that you can rename it to mach_kernel.bak

Once done you can place the renamed kernel back into your root

Step 4: Follow steps 1-6 this guide:


and make a USB with the System.kext, AppleMatch.kext, Sandbox.kext

(this is where you use the 1gb usb)

Step 5: install your combo update

Step 6. Once it restarts boot into your niresh USB and finish the second part of the guide provided in step 4

Step 7: once you restart use the following boot flags:

mach_kernel.bak -x -v (you also want to add graphicsenabler=no depending on your card)

Step 8: Once you boot in restore the mach_kernel and kexts you backed up in step 2 with the commands below using terminal:

sudo -s

[enter password]

cp -r /System/Library/Extensions.backup /System/Library/Extensions

cp -r /mach_kernel.backup /mach_kernel

Please share your success stories and build if you would like. Btw i am using the phenom II x4

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