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Can't Boot Into The Setup

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Hi everyone.

First of all, sorry if I'm not in the correct forum, but I hope I am.

So.. I downloaded the Niresh Mavericks USB dmg and burnt it onto my USB flash drive. I set the RAID Mode to AHCI.

I booted from the USB and I saw a black screen with the option "Niresh OSX" or "OSX Mavericks" (can't quite remember).

When I press Enter, the computer just restarts, and nothing happens.

It also happened when I booted from a 8.5GB DVD instead of a USB flash drive.


My specs are:

i7 920 @ 2.6Ghz

MSI X58 Pro-E


8GB RAM (2x4 Corsair Vengeance LP)

Edimax EN9260TXE (network card)

And 2 monitors


I also tried typing PCIRootUID=1 and USBBusFix=1 (Can't quite remember, it was something like that) and it still restarted my PC as soon as I hit Enter.


Thank you very much for your time.

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I just did some research and I cant find anything to do with the socket. I only mentioned it because some sockets need the flag 'xpcm-free' you can try this one, but I have no idea if it will even affect it at all. Sorry I cant help on this one. Good luck

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