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HP Desktop with AMD APU Instant kernel panic.


Hello. I am attempting to use Niresh 10.9 to install OSX on my HP PC  



this is the Specs of my PC


its an HP 500-C60 PC 


AMD A6-5200 APU with Radeon HD Graphics at 2.0 Ghz

8 gigs of ram

1TB hard drive.

Unknown Mini ITX motherboard. 


Current OS 

windows 8.1 (encrypted with truecrypt) 



Kernel panic information 


Panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff80002E01E0): "tsc_init: EFI Not Supported!n"/Users/imac/desktop/xnu-2422.1.72_by_bronya_sinetek_anv_rc7/osfmk/i386/tsc.c:616

Debugger Called: <panic>

0xffffff800010bed0  : 0xffffff8000222f69

0xffffff800010bf50   : 0xffffff80002e01e0

0xffffff800010bf90   : 0xffffff80002d3067

0xffffff800010bff0    : 0xffffff80002d7fc8

Cant preform Kext scan: not kext summary

BSD process name corresponding to current thread : Unknown

Boot args: boot-uuid=9D992EE6-ACEF-3DEA-86E7-13150BD856C5 rd=*uuid root -dmg=file:///BaseSystem.dmg npci=0x2000 dmar=0 -v 

Mac OS Version:

Not Yet Set


Kernel Verson:

Darwin Kernel Version 13.0.0: 

Kernel UUID: 7B044A27-FBD8-343B-A0D9-CAA78544DDBA


System Uptime in nanoseconds: 0



I have booted until getting a Intel power management kext error before. never tried to fix that error due to shear frustration.  this error is new and i cannot find any information on it.  Do i  need to format my Harddrive or Decrypt the Windows partition? 


Im Fairly new to hackintoshing so if you can please keep it as noobish as possible it would be great. im good with windows. but new to OSX. 


Should i just give up? or is there something i can do to get this working. I dont have the cash to throw on a legit mac. (Who really Does) 


i tried the bootflags 


AMD -v  

AMD -v Arch=i386

AMD -v -legacy busratio=20 npci=0x3000 arch=i386

and none work.




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those are not capital they are all small

amd -v

amd64 -v

amdfx -v 

add cpus=1 with those flags

Example : amd cpus=1 -v

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I have a similar pc specs - MODEL HP dv6-6c50 and I got the same error.


I tried what you suggested @ but it doesn't work at all I just get a black screen if i use amd cpus=1 -v and the error message if I use amd64 cpus=1 -v


Any I deas of what could be done to resolve it? I don't know what to do at this point and I really need mac to do testings on safari for client websites :(

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@ are you stuck after or before the installation?

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Before. I just setup virtualbox the way i was indicated, then I proceed to run the machine. The window asking for the amd64 cpus=1 -v


hit enter and the error comes in.. same error specified by @dehhaxor4evr

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I'm having the exact same issue with my Compaq CQ50 laptop


AMD Athlon dual core 

2 gig ram

unknown motherboard

Nvidia graphics

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Im Having the same problem on a laptop if I do amd64 I get black screen if I do amd or HP etc I get instant reboot and I've tried common flags same error

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anybody could fix this?

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Anybody could fix it?, i have the same problem.


my laptop it s a gateway ne522 series

Processor amd e1-2500 @1.4 GHz 64bits

4gb ram

500gb HDD



Please, help us

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