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System restarts after booting Niresh Maverick

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A few days ago, ik Builded a new PC wit the following specs:
Case: Fractal Design Define R4
Power supply: Corsair CX750M
Motherboard: MSI Z97 MPower
CPU: Intel Core i7 4790k
GPU: Inno3D iChill GTX 780 ti Herculez X3 Ultra
Ram: Kingston hyperX 16 GB
Hard drive: Samsung evo 840 250GB
But when i want to install Niresh Maverick and i select the bootable  USB and i pres the enter key the Apple logo appears For 1 second and my system restarts automatically. I tried a few boot flags, but they don't work. My system keeps restarting whe I pres the enter key in the Niresh bootloader.
Sorry for my bad English, and greetings

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Thanks sloeberGJ,


that flag works.

But now when i start the computer the Apple logo and the spinning wheel appears the spinning wheel spins For 1 minute than the Apple logo and the spinning wheel disappears the screen become White.

I can start in safe mode without any problem.

What can Be the problem?


SloeberGJ: Ik spreek ook Nederlands, als je wilt mag je in het Nederlands reageren, is wat makkelijker voor mij. :P


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