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Working :) Thanks

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My specs :

MSI Z97 Gaming 5 + i7 4770K 

16Gb DDR3 Crucial 2*8Gb

EVGA 780 Ti Classified

USB mouse + Kbd

160Gb Sata3 -  WD1600YS test drive


Ok after quite a few problems to start with i realized my usb 3 ports on my case seem to be a bit faulty(the drive would stop writing and windows would pop up saying it needed to be formatted), i then decided to use the motherboard port on the rear (usb3) to write the DMG to file via transmac that went without hitch(untill the end when it said the same thing!) But i thought id give it a go.

First I tried it in the usb 3 port, this seemed to stop very quickly (with AppleUSBCompositeDevice)and i was right to change to USB 2.

Next I had to take out my nvme drive and have only the WD wired. (an error with NVME in the script)

Then the boot took off and installed, in all it took 30mins or so, 3 reboots ( at times it looked stuck but i left it)


So thanks for the very easy install (i used to do this alot back in the day, used to use JaS and Netkas distros)


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