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Rhanel Candia

Can't boot with Chameleon / Boots with Clover [4 DESKTOPS DISPLAYED? ]

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Rhanel Candia

So I messed up my Mavericks' boot.


I had to configure something on my Windows 8.1 so I had to set its partition to active.
When I am done, I set Mavericks partition to active again.

But Mavericks wouldn't boot anymore. I can't even get to the bootloader (Chameleon)!

So I created a Clover USB boot. Finally! Mavericks booted. BUT is displays 4 DESKTOPS on my screen!

Anyway I decided maybe I should just reinstall Chameleon while I am on the Mavericks. I did.

Rebooted and finally! My Chameleon bootloader is back! I selected Mavericks to boot on verbose.

It displayed Read HFS + ... blah blah.

But after all those READ HFS+ BLAH BLAH, the laptop reboots. and happens again and again.

What should I do? I am new on Hackintosh. Thank you.

PS. I have my thesis on my Mavericks so it's really important. Well, i enjoyed developing on Mac, so. Please help me!

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