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Ivan Rodriguez Duch

Several problems with H87M-D3H, 8 Gb Ram Kingston and I5 4670

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Hey there. Ive been trying unsuccesfully to make my hackintosh work for almost a week now. Im a complete newbie at this but been reading a lot this last days.


The specs are


H87M-D3H (Bios F9)

I5 4670

8 gb Kingston

1 tb Seagate HD

Integrated HD4600 connected through VGA (my monitor only have vga plug)


Ive encountered this problems after several installs.


-In all my installations i had to boot with the -x command.

-It always uses a 1024x768 screen resolution

-Cant get to find a multibeast config that makes the network and sound works.

-Cant find the vd-t option in the bios, im almost sure it isnt there, but most guides for my motherboard says it should be disabled.

-On my first installs i could mount fat32 usb pendrives but on the last ones i cant mount them. Only if a format them in osx format. My guess its something I changed in the bios but dont know what it is.


Any help would be appreciated!






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