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Dual Boot Windows 8.1 and HP Spectre 13-3000

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I appear to be completely stumped with this.


I have followed the instructions on downloading the *.dmg file and writing this to a USB stick which seems to have been done successfully.


I have made sure that my BIOS is ready for UEFI which it was already set to and also madesure my boot order is correct.


But I where I have the issue is that the USB doesn't appear to be booting, the light is on but nothing goes straight into windows.


Am I missing something?



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Ok so I have been able to get a little further now.


I redid the download of the file and writing to USB via windows os. Now I can see the USB and it starts to boot but flashes up with the Apple logo for 0.5 seconds and then reboots. I have tried different commands but to no avail.


Can anyone shed any light on this, here are the specs of the laptop.


CPU - Intel Core i5-4200U 1.6Ghz, 3MB cache, 2 cores

Memory - 8GB DDR3L SDRAM

Video - Intel HD Graphics 4400

HDD - 256Gb SSD

Display - 33.8cm(13.3") Radiance FHD LED Backlit 1920x1080

Wireless - Intel 802.11ac (2x2), Bluetooth WiDi support



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