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getcpuidinfo unknown cpu family

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I'm stuck with this problem for a few days you can see from the attached image :headbang:  :headbang:   I installed mavericks without problems, but the system will not boot stops at the screen that you can see from picture, I tried with all the flags-x-v-f GraphicsEnabler = No, but the question remains, what can I do? 
my hardware 
AMD Phenom X4 9850BE 
Gigabyte GA-MA790X-DS4 
8G Gb ram 
HD 1Tb 
Palit Geforce GTX 750 
help me to solve the problem, thanks 


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add more information to better explain my problem, I started to have this problem when I installed the nvidia GTX 750 video card, before I had a 7770 and had no problems but the computer was started on a regular basis, now with the nvidia card the computer is locked, does not restart and will not start mavericks

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OSX does not support GTX 750. I have the same card and it wont work. There is a big chance this graphic card will never be supported. So ether replace or just forget about OSX for now.

If you want to make it boot when you install it using niresh cd chose nvidia driver for non compatible graphic cards than try booting GraphicEnabler=no  . It should work but you wont be able to do much without graphic acceleration. Good luck.

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