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ALC898 Issue on Mavericks

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Hi all.


I'm posting this from my successful install of Mavericks on my AMD build. Quite surprised it was so easy, and everything works perfectly apart from one thing. I do have one problem though. Sound!




Proc: AMD 8350fx BE

RAM: 8gb 1600mhz

GPU: AMD R9 270x (very surprised that this worked out of the box with full support!)



So, the issue is sound. My motherboard has the Realtek ALC898.


Steps I had to take:

- remove certain kexts from the installer usb stick I had to avoid a bluetooth error (some intel kexts)

- delete the intel power management kext to stop freezing post install.



My install included VoodooHDA but there was intense noise coming out of my speakers with this, so I removed it (am I right in thinking it doesn't support optical out either?)


I then went on to install the kext from the Mavericks version of multibeast, the kexts are in place but still no sound at all.


So I deleted them and went searching for the correct standalone kexts. HDAenabler and the modified appleHDA.kext, 99% sure I had the right ones but still no luck.


The volume icon is greyed out and I have no hardware showing under sound in system preferences.


Perhaps the hardware ID is wrong inside the kext for my mobo?


Does anyone have any suggestions?

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