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Victor Arrecio

Help with ASUS G71G Notebook

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Dear Staff,


After trying many boot options im stuck with [AGPM Controller] Unknown Platform,


Hardware is:



Core 2 DUO P8400

Nvidia GeForce 9800M GS 512M


Attaching sshot with the last log, then I got a shutdown animation instead a full gray screen like other users.



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@Victor Arrecio Backup graphics kexts while installing


looking for the forum i found https://www.hackintoshzone.com/topic/2530-mavericks-boot-error-after-installation-of-graphic-card-kexts/ and https://www.hackintoshzone.com/topic/299-screen-turn-off-after-installing/ talking about backup graphics kext enabling, but it seems its after installation, is that right? Im stucked at installation progress,


thanx for ur answer




I was found another usefull post where some1 said:


 When you are in the screen where you have to choose the disk where install Maverick, press the button "Customize" in left-bottom. There will appear different voice to choose. Go Graphics and tick the one that say "Backup all Graphics Kext" or something like that. Then, complete the installation again. It will work smile.png.pagespeed.ce.6NyMHoRtUg.png!!



but im not reaching this step, my full progress is:


1 Gray screen with apple logo and "working..." icon.

2 Crash by  [AGPM Controller] Unknown Platform.

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