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Siddharth G

[Request] Ralink RT3290 Wireless Adapter Kext [Important][DevTeam]

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I Would like to put this request before the numerous Dev's On Here.

As HP is one of the famous companies working with Laptops AIOs etc

Many Users have faced this problem due to the presence of the Ralink Wifi-Bluetooth adapter which doesnt have a kext online.


Basically the person using this kind of Laptop has everything working except the internet.

Making the Hackintosh unusable as no apps can be installed

The Ubuntu/Linux Dev's worked on it and patched a few lines of the driver code to get it working on linux.


So Basically I wanted the Dev Team to atleast give the driver a try

if you need a tester for the driver i am here because I'm in the above state!


Chipset model : Ralink RT 3290


Thanks if someone has started the work after reading this post and also to the people who gave time to read this post!


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I installed Hackintosh, practically everything worked, except the wireless network card, which made me give up leave installed. Also wanted to come here to request a driver for Ralink RT3290 card developers. Please, just missing this driver to leave the Mac OSx installed correctly. 
Sorry for my english, I'm Brazilian. 
Sincerely, Matthew Ramos.

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