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Can't get to ML Install

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So I'm fairly new to Hackintosh, I've had a Hackintosh running before but this was way back in the day. So anyways now I'm trying to install it on my Computer and I keep getting a restart loop everytime I try to load the installer.  


I've tried multiple bootflags e.g. -v -x -s, GraphicsEnabler=no DSDT=null cpus=1 but nothing seems to work... However when I use -v I can see the restart occurs right after the line Starting Darwin x86 pops up, anyways I'll list my system specs and see if I can get some help with my issue, thanks


MB: MSI P67A-G43 (B3)

CPU: Intel Core i5 2500k 

GPU: Amd Radeon 6970 Rev 1.5

HDD: 500GB Samsung HD501LJ

Network: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller

Memory: 8GB Gskill DDR3 1600MHz,

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So I finally got the installer to load up by changing my ACPI mode to S3 @ Dual color, hehe kinda weird this was causing it to panic. So I'm trying various BIOS settings and bootflags but nothing is working, My installer hangs itself at 8 minutes... It just sits there and the DVD player stops spinning<-- this is on 10.8.5 Installation disk, If I try 10.8.2 it hangs @ 7 minutes. Both of them eventually say Mac OS X can not be installed on this computer. And I'm unsure why it says this because I'm pretty sure all my hardware is supported. help plz!

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I don't want to believe that the DVD didn't burn right because it's 2 different CD's that are hanging. Can it be something in the installation files that I'm selecting that is causing it to hang?

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Great success, When I tried to install Lion or Mountain Lion on my Oracle VM it was doing the same thing as when I was trying to install it on my computer, So what did I do to fix the installer hanging and crapping out on me. Simple screw DVD's they obviously don't work as good as USB's. So yeah I ended up just taking the download iso/DMG and mapping it to oracle VM so it installed directly from the file. Works like a charm now.

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