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Problem with installing Mac OS on Lenovo Ideapad U410

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i have Lenovo ideapad u410 ultrabook with Windows 8.1 and Kingstone USB flash 16 GBs

tried to install OS X Maverick 10.9.0

1- i installed TransMac for Windows

2- wrote the DMG file on the usb (windows could not recognize it after that)

3- restarted my notebook but no USB found in boot menu

4- tried it on another ASUS labtop, i found the USB in the boot menu but could not boot from it.


SO for, please advice me (with links to required files) how to install it here.

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Thanks a lot @sloeberGJ for your help. BUT sadly it did not work,

i changed the boot mode in BIOS to Leagcy mode then it asked which to boot first (UEFI or Leagcy)? and both did not work.

the USB never shown up in the boot menu.

waiting your help as i dreamed to have MAC OS long time ago, and waiting that day to see it runs on my labtop.

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thanks for your care.

i want to know if it is able to run MAC OS or NOT!!!!!!

and i know easy steps to do it.

so if you know any one can help me in this please tell me

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