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First Time Hackintosh

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Hello, I'm new to macs and hackintoshes, This is my first dual boot hackintosh build and managed to install Niresh mavericks using a USB key on a secondary hard disk drive.
However, when i reboot, i manage to get the "system uptime in nanoseconds error". I have looked around forums and tried various methods people have suggested, but for a few days I have unable to get rid of this error and only manage to boot into my system when i boot from the USB. 
Keep in mind, I greatly appreciate any help you guys offer, but I am fairly new to hackintoshs and that sort or programming, so I might request to clarify certain steps if i cannot figure them out. That being said, I do know the basics.

Aside from that, everything works, my drivers installed correctly, my internet, my resolution, just at times i get the static buzzing noise but i was able to fix that through system preferences.

Thank you very much, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Sorry, I am quite new, how do I take a picture of my system when it is booting, and where are the images stored?

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Select appropriate option while installation :plz read each Tab option


1.select to remove AppleTYMCEDdriver 


2. choose best smbios suited for your system 


3.dont add so many flags like npci=0x2000 ,0x3000  they are same 


just use only -v or -v -f or -v -f npci=0x2000 if required 



your system specs ?

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