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Looking for help getting Mavericks to install on a Lenovo Thinkpad L440 Type 20AS-S05700


When trying to boot from usb it immediately reboots before I can even change the boot perimeters 


I've attached the results from CPUZ in both txt and html format.


any help would be greatly appreciated.  


I've run into an issue on several models (a lenovo Thinkcentre m72e and a HP dv6) where it does the quick reboot. 


Is this the "early restart" that some people have mentioned and if it is how to go about patching the installer usb?



Was able to boot installer with the following commands

xpcm-free -v –npci=0x2000

not able to use the same command to boot after install tho as of yet



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I will try both when I get home.  


like usually I don't even get to the first menu that pops up for the bootloader.  I thought my usb had gotten corrupted at first but I tried it on a machine I had successfully installed it on before and the bootloader menu came up fine on that computer.  

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just got the installer to boot with 

xpcm-free -v â€“npci=0x2000

Only way so far to get the install itself to boot is this

-v -x –npci=0x2000

now to pinpoint why I have to boot in safemode

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