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Fix: Stuttering Sound With Amd Cpu (10.9 & 10.8)

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Hey everybody.This is a quick way to fix stuttering Audio will start to stutter - thats why you have clear sound when you move your mouse around.


Now for me, i try'd different kext's and solutions like activating SSE2 on Voodoo PrefPane and almost every other solution that is floating around on the Interwebs.


So im using a Quadcore AMD Cpu , and my way to "fix" this bug is to put the CPU usage on 100%.

But since you're using multiple Cpu's your performance won't go down. For example i can still run everything very fast and crisp, even games still run without any problems. Long story short > i noticed no difference in performance.But this might change on a different AMD CPU . So try it on your own risk. But let me assure (this won't brick your OSX Installation its just a terminal command).



Step1. Open Terminal.app

Step2. "yes > /dev/null" without quotation marks into terminal app.

Step3. Press Enter and enjoy proper Audio.

How to Disable:   "no > /dev/null"  without quotation marks into Terminal app.



Note: Terminal have to run as long as you want to have this "Fix" applied.

When you close Terminal, it resets itself. So just start the command and minimize Terminal !





YouTube Video Proof i did:

Enjoy and have a nice day! And much thanks to Niresh crew for providing great mackintosh distros.

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This works for me, but there has to be a better way to fix this issue.  Any ideas?  I am new to the Hackintosh realm but am willing to help where I can.  I have a Phenom2 x4 965.  Everything else works perfect except the crackling Audio.

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This works for me also. Thanks a lot was losing hope lol. Is there any way to have this automatically applied during startup? This This way it does not have to be done manualy every start up.

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Niresh 10.9 everything works but can't fix Audio in all 3 different sound cards... 

Maybe a late response but i have the same motherboard and CPU as you and i was also screwing with it for 2 days.

Here is the FIX:

  • Enter the Bios from your motherboard.
  • Go to Jumpfree/CPU config > DISABLE "AMD TURBO CORE"
  • Do this fix and it will work! :)

I think many people with processors that have AMD Turbo Core have the same issue, and i think this needs to be set in the Niresh Install Guide

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