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Maverick on an Asus X501A1

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Bonjour tout le monde !

I'm asking your help for a first Maverick install with Niresh's os.

I'm not a beginner, but my previous installations were a 10.3 and a 10.5 on a very compatible pc, and a 10.9 niresh whit VBox.

I hope you will give me good advices with my asus x501a1 laptop.

I'm actualy running ubuntu Dual boot Window$ 8.

For the hardware, it's a celeron b830 (1,8 Ghz), 4 gigs of ram, intel hd graphics 2000, but I don't really know for the other components. I would like to install osx 10.9 with niresh's distro or macpwn.

Thank you for your help

ps : I'm french, please excuse my shatered english

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You could download the distro and try to boot it, but im not sure if your cpu is compatible with OSX mavericks. Use as bootargs: -v  IGPEnabler=yes


If anything goes wrong or the install crashes/hangs please post a photo of what is wrong.


Vous pourriez essayer de installer le distro niresh sur votre ordinateur, mais je ne suis pas sûr si votre processeur est compatible avec mavericks. Utilise ces bootargs: -v IGPEnabler=yes


Si quel que chose va mal pendre un photo de votre écran


Bonne Chance :)

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Thank you a lot, I'll try it as soon as possible (surrely this afternoon after school).

Je vous tien informé de l'avancement du projet ^^

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I tried with the distro and a BootDiskUtility formated usb, clover boots, and after it shows me a crossed circle

In -v, it´s a "error loading drivers", any help ?

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