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Stojanovic Miljan

VT2120 on Z77-D3H Working kext and dsdt.aml :D

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AppleHDA.kext and dsdt.aml for  Gygabyte Z77-D3H motherboard and VT2120 sound chip. 

dsdt.aml is Tested and WORKING ONLY (I guess cause i have extracted dsdt and patched it on this motherboard ) on Z77-D3H Niresh Mavericks 10.9.x  system with 

4Gb DDR3 RAM, intel core i5 CPU. UNPATCHED FA BIOS   


1) Mount this disk image to Desktop. 

2) Remove and uninstall VoodooHDA Kext and pref pane. Repair permissions by clicking on 

    Kext Utillity app. Enter password.

3) Reboot

4) Place provided dsdt.aml in /Extra folder.

5) Delete original AppleHDA.kext located in /System/Library/Extensions/   

6)  Drag extracted AppleHDA.kext over Kext Utillity app on your desktop. Type in your password.

7) Wait to complete and reboot


Try booting with -x for the first time

Oppen Midi setup and set all interfaces to 96000 hz The all must mach to avoid crackling sound. 

Enjoy recording and playback sound :D

Tested for 2.1 Audio system only.

Kext and package is here:


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