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Apps not supporting High Sierra

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Since installing High Sierra onto my Toshiba Satellite L750 just over a week ago, I'm getting very worried about the lack of Apple support, meaning that some very important apps require at least Mac OS V10.14, although I've only got V10.13. So far this has happened to me with the apps Pages, Numbers, and XCode. I was blocked from even downloading Pages and Numbers from the App Store, but I downloaded XCode in versions 6.0.1 and 11 from somewhere else. There were versions of these for High Sierra, which now seem to have been deleted by Apple to extort even more money by trying to force Mac owners to buy a new Mac. I've had a good look round for sources where I can download compatible versions, but not found any. 


An alternative was described somewhere on the website www.codewithchris.com where there was an explanation of how to edit the info.plist files in the app Xcode to the version of the OS that you're using, but although I edited and saved those files, then rebooted, neither version of Xcode would run.


.  What should I do now? I'm considering trying to install Mojave, but I don't think it will work without a UEFI BIOS. 

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