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boot0: done issue

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First, thank you Niresh for that great work!



I need some help to boot into OSX 10.9.3.  This is my HDD configuration:



Obliviously <C:> has Windows 8.1 on it



I've installed from Niresh usb download, all went smooth. But after reboot I'm seeing "boot0: done" and it boots to windows without any prompt.

I am still able to boot in the OSX but i have to use USB i've originally created for installation, while booting in the USB i`m getting boot menu.


To fix this i've tried to

- Use GRUB boot, but it wont boot properly, and just crash somewhere.

- Chameleon Wizard, (and ruined my linux boot in the process) but still same "boot0: done" mesage.



How to fix this?



mobo Gigabyte EX58-UD4P w/ i7

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tried Chimera, no help.

update: I've noticed i didnt had my OSX partition marked as active. went to windows and marked it active/primary.

now error changed to

boot: test

boot: done

boot1: error


is there some sort of log to examine this ?

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OK that fixed it:


1. Active/Primary partition wich contains OSX ( had to do it from external OS - Hiren10 in my case but can be done from terminal)

2. Booted into previously installed OSX with "USB installation" from Niresh

3. re-installed Chimera



The thing is that "Chameleon wizard" vaguely point out the he wont make changes to active partition table.

This what went wrong with me.


Niresh maybe you could make addition to OSX install that will automaticly set partition to active.

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I have an Installer ISSUE!!!! Downloaded both , .dmg and .iso... even tryed 3 different USB's,working on Windows 8.1... Images restored using Transmac and Win32image, never got passed BOOT 1


I have ACER E1-522 AMD A6-5200,HD8400,8GB RAM,1TB hdd... in BIOS set AHCI and all security erased.... Trying to boot in Legacy mode


PLEASE!!!! HELP ME!!!! NOT A NOOB!!! I had Intel based Mavericks before on HP Probook until sold it....

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