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Found 0 Units/Still Waiting for Root Device

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I am getting one or both these errors on various hackintosh distros.

I only seem to be getting the 'found 0 units' error on Niresh's distros, but the interesting thing is that this error only seems to happen once Niresh's Nivida chipset kext has loaded.


I apologize for absence of a screenshot, but I lost the photo I took and I'm not near my PC right now to do it (at college).

A rough console output of the last few lines, up to and including when the error occurs:

Found 1 unit(s)
Found 1 unit(s)
Detected niVida chipset.
Network on Intel [network controller model # here] down
Network on Intel [network controller model # here] capable of 10/100 duplex
Network on Intel [network controller model # here] connected at 100mb/s
[Nivida chipset init. stuff here]
System shutdown aborted
Found 0 unit(s)
Found 0 unit(s)
Found 0 unit(s)

Is there some way I can stop this Nivida kext from loading?

The distro works fine in Virtualbox on the same PC.


I tried a vanilla OS X Snow Leopard install DVD (original retail disk- not downloaded and bought from Amazon) with ModCD, and it worked, except that it reported this:

[disk2os1] Disk read error.

My system config:


CPU: AMD FX4100 Quad Core @ 3.6GHZ


HDD (all SATA): 1x 128GB SSD, 1x 64GB SSD, 1x 640GB HDD, 1x 320GB HDD

GPU: Integrated (for now; my previous AMD HD 7700 broke)

Motherboard: Asrock N68C-GS FX [link: http://www.asrock.com/mb/NVIDIA/N68C-GS%20FX/]


I really want OS X on this PC so badly, I don't want Windows anymore and I want to change scope from gameserver development to iOS app development..


All help is appreciated..

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