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Samuele Castiglione

OS X Maverick 10.9.0 boot error after installation

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Hi guys, i tried to install  OS X Maverick on my pc:


  • intel i5 2500 Socket1155LGA Sandy Bridge;
  • ASRock H67DE3;
  • 8GB DDR3;
  • ATI HD5450;

Set my bios with your instruction, AHCI but not set HPET - Change this to 64-bit. because mybios not show options.


the install from usb it's ok, process complete but will show this error ( Attach file)


Help me please!



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Hi Guys,

if select NullCpuPowermanagement.kext boot show xHpet error, i read our topic and disable this.

I Have reinstalled all with standard setting [NullCpuPowermanagement.kext exclude] and PCIRootUID=1, try boot with this but stop booting at the AppleLogo.

Only first boot later my install start and stop at region selection, mouse and keyboard are blocked .

I boot in verbose mode and attach this screenshot.




Tnks a Lot






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it shows nullcpu.kext is not installed or loaded ..are you sures installed nullcpu.kext 

are you using any DSDT ??

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you may find HPC/High Performance Computing as another term of HPET.

Disable it.


can you get in language selection step?

if yes, customize chameleon bootloader and drop down any DSDT.

after install, boot with "-f -v"

you may get KP, don't worry...see the failed item, and disable it in BIOS

repeat until you don't get it again

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