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Thank you so much for putting so much effort and availing such wonderful distro for AMD, am really greatful thanks!


I've successfuly installed the OS on my laptop and it seems to be working like a charm;

here are my lappy's specs


Brand : Lenovo

Model : G505s-20255

Processor : AMD A-Series A10-5750M
Graphics Adapter : AMD Radeon HD 8650G + HD 8570M Dual Graphics 2048 MB

Memory : 8GB DDR3 800 MHz.


despite having a successful installation, am having few glitches like


1. Not able to use WiFi

2. There isn't any sound output or input

3. It shows the Display as 4MB only

4. It eats a lot of battery; earlier my laptop's battery used torun for almost 2-3 hours but now it's hardly an hour



i would be greatful for your guidance and kind help, request everyone to please respond as soon as possible; thanks in advance.

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it same my problem.  :(

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Is your bluetooth working (If you have bluetooth)?

As well as this, is your brightness on full?

if your bluetooth is working, the Mac OS cannot control the amount of power going to it (So I have noticed). This eats up a lot of power.

If your brightness is on full, there are drivers to fix it (if I am correct)

I installed on a Lenovo Y40, and I am able to get 2 hours, but the brightness is extremely low.


Sound, try the MultiBeast drivers, and if they do not work, get MacPois0n, and use the HDAEnabler v2.8.5 (If I remember correctly, that is the name). If that does not work, use the Audio layout 3, also from MacPois0n.


Display memory, I think your graphics are not installed right, but correct me if I am wrong...

Are you booting up in safe mode? If you are, then I think the display memory is always wrong (or at least mine was wrong as well).


If your wifi chipset is from Intel, there are no wifi drivers for it. Only broadcom, and I forgot what the other one was.


 Are your graphics lagging in anyway? My Y40 just broke, and I am getting a refund. I am planning to buy a better laptop (Asus X550DP) and I want to know if the graphics work beforehand

If they don't work, I have found another laptop anyway

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For the Sound you can use Nresh all in 1 sound package in the downloads section.


For the Wifi you can use Niresh all in 1 network  package in the download section.



As for the GFX, Try booting at the Niresh boot screen with flags: UserKernelCache=No GraphicsEnabler=Yes

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There is something like that? I wasted so much time using trial and error

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