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Custom resolution screen under Virtualbox

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Hi all!

I have installed niresh mac os X mavericks 10.9 as a guest in my host using Virtualbox. I would like to see it in full screen mode, in my case, 1368x768 with 32bit color depth so after reading in forums, I have done below but it is not working:


Edit the vbox corresponding to my Mac OS X virtual machine and enter below 2 lines (bolded) within ExtraData section:

      <ExtraDataItem name="CustomVideoMode1" value="1360x768x32"/>
      <ExtraDataItem name="GUI/CustomVideoMode1" value="1360x768x32"/>
      <ExtraDataItem name="GUI/LastCloseAction" value="PowerOff"/>
      <ExtraDataItem name="GUI/LastGuestSizeHint" value="1024,768"/>
      <ExtraDataItem name="GUI/LastNormalWindowPosition" value="7,69,1024,693"/>
      <ExtraDataItem name="GUI/LastScaleWindowPosition" value="174,66,1045,678"/>
      <ExtraDataItem name="GUI/MiniToolBarAlignment" value="bottom"/>
      <ExtraDataItem name="GUI/SaveMountedAtRuntime" value="yes"/>
      <ExtraDataItem name="GUI/Scale" value="on"/>
      <ExtraDataItem name="GUI/ShowMiniToolBar" value="yes"/>

Also I have edited file com.apple.Boot.plist in LibraryPreferencesSystemConfiguration and now this file looks like below:

      <key>Kernel Flags</key>
      <string>"Graphics Mode"="1360x768x32"</string>
      <key>Graphics Mode</key>

Anyway, after rebooting it is not working, full screen mode does not work.


Any ideas?


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<key>Graphics Mode</key>

needs to go in /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist, not /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration :)

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