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A8 APU Integrated Radeon Graphics I NEED HELP!!!

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Hello from Venezuela,


FIrst of all, thanks for niresh distro is the best.


I manage to install niresh distro on my brand new HP Sleekbook 15-B119WM with the following configuration:




750 HDD 


I have solved some issues, now Audio, netoworking (not wireless nor bluetooth) are fully working but Integrated Graphics not.


I'm little bit confused by those concept of kext or dsdt.


Could you give some advice to solve that problem. I know that AMD APUS have issues with OS X, but I think I can give a little bit of time to try out any possible solution.


thanks in advance.



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I've tried tons of ways to try to get my A6-6400K integrated graphics working, but it didn't came out pretty well. The integrated graphics still does not work and I'm also looking forward to see APUs with integrated graphics working.


I asked a while ago for a place to start to try make a kext for it but no one answered.


Until we get an answer and it is possible to run integrated graphics from APUs on Niresh's OSX you should buy a dedicated graphics card to have fully working graphics.


P.S.: I hope that someone will take a look at those APUs and try to get them working, or at least, give us a place to start.

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Have  you tried updating OSX to 10.9.3? AMD graphics 7xxx usually work even with the vanilla kexts from Apple in that version.

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I don't think the integrated ones work but it worth a try.

I had the HD 7850 card on my PCI port and I updated to 10.9.3 and it worked with the vanilla Apple kexts. I don't know if it works the same way with the integrated ones, but you might need to edit the address (IOPCIPrimaryMatch) in the kexts to match the ones on your integrated graphics.

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