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Can't boot into clover from usb

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Hello everyone. I am trying to install niresh mojave on my lenovo g50-80 laptop even after many attempts of my own I can't boot into my bootable usb. The specs of my laptop are intel core i3 5005u, 4gb ram, 1 TB storage, intel HD graphics. I downloaded niresh mojave form the website itself. Flashed the downloaded dmg to 16GB usb using transmac. followed the same steps as mentioned. Then I rebooted my laptop and tweaked my bios settings as mentioned. Then I rebooted into boot menu and selected my 16GB usb drive and all I was getting was a black screen.

I thought this might be a issue with my dmg or usb so I downloaded the dmg again, changed my pendrive but again the same black screen. I waited for half hour but the black screen wouldn't go.

I did not have any external hard disk connected. And followed the exact same instructions mentioned. Yet I couldn't figure out the problem. I tried everything I could but could not resolve my issue.

I am sure many of you have successfully installed hackintosh on your pc. I couldn't even get the installer started, so I request every kind soul out there to help me get me started.

I have attached the images of my bios and the black screen.

 Bios screen 1 Bios screen 2 Bios screen 3 Black screen

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