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David Nedomlel

'No Signal' After installation

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Hello guys,

I have installed my Niresh's Maverics but after installation my monitor says 'No Signal' go to sleep mode...
You can see on my video: 

Please, help me...

Gigabyte GTX 560
MSI Z87-G45 Gaming
Intrel core i7 4770k
12GB Ram Kingstone

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@David Nedomlel Yes always there is help :)

boot using the installer (USB or DvD the one you used)

Open Terminal and Use these commands (One line at a time )


The following command will list the volumes

ls /Volumes 

now make not of your OS X Installed Volume Name Im Assuming it as "Mac" in This case (The name is case-sensitive)

mv /Volumes/"Mac"/System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntel* /Volumes/"Mac"

reboot now

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Finally I installed my Maverics 10.9 but now I have problem with graphics. Resolution only 1024x768 and everything is lagging and not smooth. Ethernet dont working too...I am very sad1610069_1479085168992323_891907897850826I hope you will help me @

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