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Kemal Tekin

Drivers for Mavericks 10.9.0

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Hi Guys,


I'm a newbie on OS X world. I have installed Niresh's Mavericks on my Laptop. Everything works very vell but out of networking. I can't use my Ethernet and Wifi cards. I have downloaded 1000's kext but doesnt working, anybody can help me please for true kexts downloading with attached image ?


Best regards.


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@Kemal Tekin nope you have to remove AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext

then it will workd

to remove boot with installation USB

open terminal


ls /Volumes

Locate the name of your os x installed Volume i assume it as "Mac" in this case

Use this command

mv /Volumes/Mac/System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntel* /Volumes/Mac/

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Hi, @ i have bought a usb wireless adapter and now i can connect to internet, your recommended kext doesn't works by me. I have appstore-icloud and imessage problem now and i can't fix it because i haven't ethernet card driver. Idk what can i do now maybe you can give me some more tips for fixing. I have tried et0 et1 , bootlist edit, etc.etc. but no way.

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