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Radek Bush

Successful installation doesn't boot into video mode

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Hi everyone!


I have got a ProBook 4520s where I have successfully installed 10.9 just with installation flag -v - video mode was working fine (apart from non-native resolution).


CPU - i5-480M

GPU - Non-switchable HD 6370M

Chipset - HM57


After successful installation I have tried to boot my Hackintosh for the first time but there is an error - The system seems to be fully started up without a freeze, some voice assistant even tells me what to do... but there's no graphical mode displayed.


As I have previously installed Hackintosh distros without any major problems previously, I am a greenhorn in Hackintosh troubleshooting.


I have tried: -v, -x, GraphicsEnabler=yes - no success.


What shall I do to make my video mode work fine? I am a newbie in hackintoshing but I have solid Unix-like systems knowledge.


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@Radek Bush

Are you saying your display gets turned off after showing some messages in -v and you hear voice?

in case you installed into laptop and connected to external display. try changing smbios.

i had this issue during installation in my laptop.in my case this issue was resolved by reinstallation and changing smbios in customise during installation ( unchecking default mac pro to mackbookpro 8 1 as my system is laptop).

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@ Radek Bush You may also have to experiment with GraphicsEnabler=yes and no after changing smbios

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