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After Instalation, cant find my hdd to boot up?

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Hello everyone,

I am newbie here, i would like to try Niresh Maverick on my laptop.

Laptop Specification :

Asus X401u

AMD C-Series, Processor Onboard

AMD Dual-core Processor C-60(1.0 GHz, Cache 1MB)

Chipset-AMD A68M

2 GB DDR3 PC-10600

AMD® Radeon HD 6290

320 GB Serial ATA

1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0, VGA, HDMI, LAN, Audio

The begining I follow the guide step by step until instalation successful on my hdd,

At the time for boot up i cant find my hdd boot section in the bios, it just shown my thumb drive boot,

Here my question bro, is there any step to enable my motherboard can show my hdd for boot-up?

Second, is my laptop support on the system?

Please help me my friends, a little suggestion would be appreciate.

Thank You Very Much.


On the begining step off instalation i use "amd64 -v", and it successful but if i use" amd -v" it failed andcant read the system....

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@shinnoke7 Set SATA as AHCI in BIOS to make Hard disk visible in Installer.

Additional BIOS Settings can be viewed here.

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