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Disk Utility Erase Failed

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I'm newbie here, I'm using laptop Asus A46C COre i5 Nvidia Geforce 740M.

I want to install my laptop into Mac OS X. I found a tutorial using niresh in youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD9kfotqbCk

Now my laptop is partitioned into C and D, and C is already using Windows 8.1. I want to change C (Windows 8.1) into Mac OS X. and still keep the D partition.

I follow all your step by step from that video, and it's worked normally until I want try to erase the partition into Mac Extended Journaled. But on my case is I erased my Windows System ©, I want to make Mac OS Niresh to be my primary OS. But, when I try to do that, It's error and said "Volume erased failed, MediaKits reports not enough spaced for device....". But my system partition is 150GB. It's not make sense.. Please help me to solve this.


THank you very much

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Same to me. I have a Hp Envy dv6t 7300 quad.


Cpu: i7 3630qm 2.4ghz quad core

Ram: 16gb

Hdd: 1 TB

WiFi: Ralink adapter (I know it wont work)

Gpu: Nvidia 635m 2Gb


I've done a 300 gb partition for Mavericks, but it doesn't let me erase it. I have this same error.


I don't want to delete Windows, I'm trying to do a dual boot.


Please help!

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I found the solution! Download gparted live cd, install it to a usb, boot it, and format the partition to hfs+.


That will format the partition to Mac format, and you can install mavericks to it

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