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Mavericks boot error after installation of graphic card kexts

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I have a hp touchsmart 520 pc-

Intel i5 2400s (4 core). Sandy bridge

Graphics card - AMD RADEON HD 6540

I have a pegatron 2AC3 motherboard

AMI BIOS v.7.08

6 GB ram

I am able to run mavericks with boot flag GraphicsEnabler=No immediately after installation. But i get only a 3 mb video card with bad graphics . I found that my graphic kexts were missing so i downloaded them but they downloads section in this site . But , after installation and when i boot up i always get to a set of screen after the apple logo - these set of colours appear -black , red , green , blue , grey ( pictures below ) . I have tried many boot flags like - graphicsenabler=no , -x , -v , -s (mount uw) all that found in previous posts . But ended up with same result . I have reinstalled mavericks more than 9-10 times . But this occurs only after i install the graphics kext (amdcontroller6xxx.kext) . So any help will be appreciated . I am also dual booting with windows and windows works fine. Sometimes immediately after installation when i boot the hard disk it gets stuck at the apple logo but they os runs at the background (the music , keystrokes , etc). So any help will be appreciated. Hoping for a reply . Thanks in advance.





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About the last before sentence thats when i am booting mavericks for the first time with boot flag ( GraphicsEnabler=Yes ).

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UPDATE: i have changed my resolution to 1920x1080x32 and i get a good resolution and the graphics increases to 7 mb ( i did this after reinstall ) . I installed the graphics kext again from this site : http://www.osx86.net/file/1046-ati-radeon-6450-hd-fix-for-mountain-lion-dp4-gm/

And i again get to the coloured screen . Is it a problem with the kext as it is for mountail lion ? Or should i try another kext . I also tried the kext from khatphat but it has only the AMD6000Contoller.kext which doesn't change anything . After some research i found that you also need other kexts like ( AMDSupport , Accelerator/x3000 , etc)

Which i dont have. So could anyone upload the kexts please. Plus this only occurs when i install the kexts from that website. Otherwise everything is working fine except for the graphics . Thanks in advance.

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UPDATE: i thought it was a prob with 10.9 so i downloaded and installed 10.8.5 distro from niresh . The distro itself boots with good graphics and fullscreen (while installing i select backup graphics kexts ) so after booting as usual i get a 1024x724 resolution n bad graphics and after installation i get the same blinking screen just like mavericks. The os itself works perfectly fine without the graphic kexts (but without proper graphics) . As far as i know my pc is compatible and i hav seen videos on youtube on people running osx with my graphic card . So any help is appreciated . ( i dont mind doing a reinstall hav alrdy done that like 5 times a day)

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as i said before i am dual booting with windows and i see 2 options under graphics - AMD Radeon HD 6540 , Intel® HD Graphics . even if i could get the intel one working its fine with me . and i dont know whether its 3000/4000 graphics or the version of it. so any help appreaciated .

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